Re: [ hwg-main ] Re: background problem...HELP!!

Geoff Narvronsen (
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 21:43:38 -0600

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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 21:43:38 -0600
From: (Geoff Narvronsen)
Subject: Re: [ hwg-main ] Re: background problem...HELP!!

>At 10:03p 01/15/96, Hakon Lie wrote:
>>Kynn Bartlett writes:
>> > lilley <> wrote:
>> > > Have a look at the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS1) specification. This
>> > > allows you to specify two background colours which will be smoothly
>> > > faded in a given direction.
>> >
>> > So how many browsers support this, and which ones?
>>At this point there are three implementations: Arena, emacs-w3 and
>And these run on all major OS's, right? <G>
>So please tell -- which specific OS does each of these run under? I am not
>aware of any of these having been ported to MacOS, for example. Are these
>for Unix System V Release 4, or BSD 4.3, or SunOS, or IRIX 5.3, or Windows
>NT 3.5.1, or OS/2 Warp Connect, or OS/9, or AmigaDOS, or Atari TOS, or...
>or... or... ???

emacs has been ported to windows, amiga, and macintosh (Atari?), as well as
to all the UN*X type OS's (sunOS, all of the BSD's, UNIX, Linux, etc..)

the others i have never heard of (i'm new to this)