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Not nifty if it isn't integrated with EMBED (or current alias).  Not
nifty if you think that EMBED is putting the information in the wrong
place.  Not nifty if it overloads META and LINK.  

But then you haven't proposed it yet .


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In message <>, Scott E. Preece
>   From: (Ian Burrell)
>|   I was thinking recently that a SIZE attribute that indicated the
>|   physical size in bytes of an included object would be a useful
>|   addition to HTML.
>My mindset is sufficiently object-oriented that it really turns my
>stomach to have a referencing document specify things about the
>referenced resource.  Having said that, however, providing a way to give
>an expected-size hint bothers me a lot less than having the reference
>indicate the type of the referenced item...

We hashed this out in the office just a couple months ago, in
fact. The spec is still mostly in "back of the envelope" form, but you
can see the DTD and examples:

The basic idea is that a new element <resource> allows you
to say things of the form:

	The X attribute of R is Y
		as: <resource href=R> <meta name=X value=Y> ... </resource>

		A few attributes are institutionalized, and can be expressed as:

		<resource href=R X=Y X2=Y2 ...></resource>

	There is a link of type T from R to S.
		as: <resource href=R> <link rel=T href=S></resource>


	The Content-Length of foo.gif is 234234
	The Content-Language of is FR

	There is a PNG-format version of foo at foo.png.
	There is an PNG-format version of foo at foo.png.

	The TOC of chapter-1.html is toc.html.

Nifty, huh?


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