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Tue, 2 Jan 1996 11:02:54 +0000 (GMT)

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Subject: Re: Wish List for New Spec
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Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 11:02:54 +0000 (GMT)
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Abigail wrote:

> Math would be number 1 on my list.

Anyone else who feels that way, speak up.

> Second, a way to "refine" one's markup. Currently there isn't a proper
> way to say, but you email and snailmail address in one <address> element,
> and still be able to distinguish between them. The alternative
> <address class = "email">email address</address>
> <address class = "snail-mail">postal address</address> 
> loses the information it is part of the same address.


<address><span class="email"><a href=""></a></span>
<br><span class="snail">my address goes here</span></address>

span may end up being called c; last I looked it had just been noticed that 
span and c did essentially the same thing.
> My third point would be the same as Roberts. I'd even settle for entities
> doing that. Being able to deal with multiple character sets is great.

See my reply to Robert. HTML will still have a single document character set,
but that will be much more capable (unicode). Individual documents can be 
sent in some other character set, which is then conceptually mapped to 
unicode (in practice this means that numeric character references are to 
code positions in the unicode character set regardless of the character 
set used to transmit a particular document instance).
> My last point would be implementation of <fig> in more popular
> browsers. Although I am not a graphics person, we really need 
> something better than <img>. Although, this has hardly anything
> to do with 'new for the specs'....

Fig is now unlikely - a shame, I agree - but see the INSERT spec:

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