Re: FORM tag use

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Sun, 11 Feb 96 21:15:39 EST

From: "Ian S. Graham" <>
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Subject: Re: FORM tag use
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 96 21:15:39 EST

> Most of the forms I've seen only use one <FORM></FORM> combination on the
> page, however the DTD allows as many forms in a document as you want. Do
> people use this feature? I've never run across a multiple form page myself,
> but they may exist. 
> Is it import to support this in an editor? The editor UI would be much more
> simple if only single forms were allowed.
> Jon Smirl
Unfortunately I've seen several examples of multiple FORMs in a document.
Many are relics of the era when multiple SUBMIT buttons were not possible.
However, some had multiple forms because the data for the different queries
were sent to different URLs.

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