CCS1 Class names & ID Names

Tom Schlarman (tschlarm@Adobe.COM)
Tue, 3 Dec 1996 13:54:05 -0700

Message-Id: <199612032046.MAA00945@elroy.corp.Adobe.COM>
From: "Tom Schlarman" <tschlarm@Adobe.COM>
To: "wwwhtml" <>
Subject: CCS1 Class names & ID Names
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 13:54:05 -0700

Hi all,

I have a question and would like to make sure I understand the CSS1 spec

in 7.2 (Parsing Conventions) it states:

- ..., selectors (element names, classes and IDs) can contain only A-Z,
a-z, 0-9, Unicode chars 161-255 or a dash...they can also contain escaped

- any character except a digit can be escaped to remove its special
meaning, by putting a backslash in front, Example: "\"" is a string
consisting of one double quote.

Now, I want to name a style:  "A, B, C, ..." 
(not including the double quotes, but including the spaces inside).

Would that be defined as (generic class)?

.A\,\ B\,\ C\,\ \.\.\. { color:blue; }

(escaping the spaces, commas and periods)

If so, MSIE3.01 may have a problem in keeping track of style names that are
more complex.  Has this been mentioned before?  I haven't seen it on any of
the MSIE bug pages.



Tom Schlarman