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>"Jason O'Brien" <> wrote:
>> I just wanted to post this in the hopes that Netscape will soon accept   
>> the BGSOUND tag and future HTML designs will incorporate this or   
>> something similar -- I am designing more and more web pages with   
>BGSOUND as a *tag* is a very bad idea. It is a property of the
>body, so it should be an attribute of <BODY>.

I disagree. If I wanted to express "play sound X while this
document is displayed," I'd just write:

	<link rel=present href="">

We're talking web architecture 101 here. Specified in 1991, but dating
back before HTML existed, to TimBL's Enquire system (and lots of
hypertext systems before that).


Link Relationship values

Status: This list is not part of the standard. It is intended to
illustrate the use of link relationships and to provide a framework
for further development.



Whenever A is presented, B must also be presented. This implies that
whenever A is retrieved, B must also be retrieved.