Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

Fisher Mark (
Thu, 22 Aug 96 07:42:00 PDT

From: Fisher Mark <>
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Subject: Re: Frames - does anyone like them?
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 96 07:42:00 PDT

If the document is well-suited and well-designed for frames, in my 
experience they can be a great navigational help.  Netscape's site is pretty 
good in that regard.  I have not used frames yet on my own pages, but I also 
only recently started using forms and tables, as I wanted to wait until the 
vast majority of browsers supported those features  (my first pages were 
designed for Tom Bruce's Cello browser back during the CGI 1.1 development 
period, if that gives you any idea to their antiquity).

Frames vs. overlapping windows is the "tiled vs. overlapping" windows debate 
that went on in 1980's, now moved to the Web browser GUI arena.  I suspect 
overlapped won then in part because screen real estate was even more 
precious then than now.  Even at home I run about half the time in 800x600 
and at work I run at 1024x768 -- but I remember developing software for the 
IBM PC where you either had 320x200x4 colors or 640x200x2 (b&w).  Just like 
any other specification language feature (and markup specification languages 
share a lot with programming languages here), frames can be misused.  Both 
frames and overlapping windows are useful in their places.
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