Re: What should I use for centering (DIV or P)

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Tue, 16 Apr 1996 02:35:41 +0200 (MET DST)

From: Abigail <>
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Subject: Re: What should I use for centering (DIV or P)
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 02:35:41 +0200 (MET DST)
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You, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
++ At 6:40p 04/15/96, Paul Prescod wrote:
++ >At 03:19 PM 4/15/96 -0700, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
++ >>At 11:29p 04/15/96, Abigail wrote:
++ >>>The logical markup of the document is far more important than the layout
++ >>>hints. The attributes go with the elements; one doesn't use elements
++ >>>for the attributes.
++ >>
++ >>Ok Abigail, please tell us exactly how you use div. What structural purpose
++ >>does it serve, and why do you consider it unrelated to layout? You sound
++ >>like you are trying to enforce the letter of the law without caring about
++ >>anything else...
++ >
++ >   "The DIV element is used with the CLASS attribute to represent
++ >   different kinds of containers, e.g. chapter, section, abstract, or
++ >   appendix."
++ >
++ >   ...
++ >
++ >   "The content model for DIV allows headers, lists, paragraphs
++ >   as well as other DIV elements etc. This allows DIVs to be nested, to
++ >   form hierarchies of chapters, sections, and subsections etc."
++ >
++ >
++ Yeah, but who's to say that Heikki's usage won't be in a "section" or
++ "abstract"?

That's why I said to FIRST logical markup the document. If you use 
<div>s, align the <div>s. If you don't use them, don't introduce
them just for layout purposes, but center the other elements you
have. <h?>, <p>, <table>, <fig>, etc.

++             To me, any consecutive series of related elements can be
++ considered a "section", and just because Heikki hadn't originally planned
++ to use div for structural purposes does not in itself invalidate its usage
++ for centering -- in fact, it could be that the document would benefit from
++ div, yet it was the thought of layout which brought it to mind! Not
++ everyone's left and right brains are so disconnected as Abigail's -- to
++ many of us, structure and layout (left and right brain) are intimately tied
++ to each other and *equally* important.

Maybe, but by choosing HTML as the way to deliver your message, you
already have choosen for structure first, and just layout *hints*.

++                                        If Abigail thinks her right brain is
++ less important than her left brain, well... I'm not qualified to comment on
++ that.

My right brain is more important than your right brain.

++       All I know is that God gave us an equal portion of each, therefore
++ document presentation is equally important to document structure.

All I know is that there are no gods.

++                                                                   Not less
++ important; equally important. I'm sick and tired of presentation being
++ treated as a second-class citizen. :/

I find that a very odd concept. To me, it is far more important to
be heard, than the way I sound. I rather have my message not aligned
the way I want but understandable, than aligned the way I want, but

Oh well, maybe I am odd.