Re: What should I use for centering (DIV or P) (fwd)

Paul Prescod (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 18:32:12 -0400

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 18:32:12 -0400
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To: MegaZone <>
From: Paul Prescod <>
Subject: Re: What should I use for centering (DIV or P) (fwd)

It seems to me that any messages in this mailing list should quote the
standards being discussed. Please be clear when you are discussing HTML
features or Netscape features. 

At 02:17 PM 4/15/96 -0700, MegaZone wrote:
><DIV align=center> is a universal container, since <DIV> doesn't do anything
>itself (no white space, line breaking, etc) you can surround anything.  

<DIV> _can_ create newlines or line breaks. It may not in Netscape but that
does not mean it "doesn't do anything itself". It creates a structural
division in your document that may be represented in many different ways on
many different browsers. As far as I know, DIV is only defined in
[draft-ietf-html-style-01], so if you think there is something in there that
indicates that it may not be rendered as a page break or with whitespace,
the evidence would come out of that document.

> I
>generally use <DIV align=center> to center images or tables since 
>'align=center' doesn't seem to work on those entities yet.

I think you mean that you have not had luck using this attribute to center
the image and table ELEMENTS (in Netscape).

Images cannot be centered using the HTML i18n ALIGN attribute because they
are not block type elements. 


will do what you want.

"Finally, in many languages text justification is much more important
   than it is in Western languages, and justifies markup.  The ALIGN
   attribute, admitting values of LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER and JUSTIFY, is
   added to a selection of elements where it makes sense (block-like)."

   - [draft-ietf-html-i18n-03]

The latest IETF Tables draft does allow tables to take an ALIGN attribute
whose value is "center". So 'align=center' _does_ work (i.e. it is valid)
although it may not achieve the desired affect in some browsers.
You can find out more about aligning tables in [draft-ietf-html-tables-06].

 Paul Prescod