Paul Derbyshire (ao950@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
9 Apr 1996 06:54:18 GMT

From: ao950@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Paul Derbyshire)
Subject: Re: VRML
Date: 9 Apr 1996 06:54:18 GMT
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 ( writes:
> No, it is not going to take over the web, but it will eventually be a 
> lartge part of it. Starting about Aug 4 when the final spec for VRML 2.0 
> is released. 
> By the way, anybody using a 286 does not matter. Those people are 
> not even on the web. Unless they are using lynx, in which case they 
> don't even know about colors in html, let alone VRML so why worry about 
> it. 

I'm not so sure... look at Gopher and HTML. HTML has quickly supplanted
Gopher as it is more user friendly. (And it is HTML and the WWW that
comprises the main feature of the Net, now... nearly all Internet activity
now starts with loading a Web browser, and then perhaps eventually navigating 
to an a href=ftp:// link, or another such link.)
With HTML you go about various index documents and searchers until you get
to the desired resource, such as an ftp dir or file or a telnet, and most
resources are either ftp or http now.
VRML provides another intuitive interface for browsing the internet on the
way to the resource you finally use or download. Even a format for the
final resource if it is a readable document... maybe one day navigating
the Net will be like... TRON or something... you walk or something through
a virtual world. may be replaced by a vast Grand Central
Station in VR with lots of tunnels or something to other major sites (and
same for things like Yahoo)... or something else... dunno.

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