Re: style sheet scalability (was: Specifying style notation in <link>)

Walter Ian Kaye (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 16:39:41 -0800

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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 16:39:41 -0800
From: (Walter Ian Kaye)
Subject: Re: style sheet scalability (was: Specifying style notation in <link>)
Cc: Hakon Lie <>

At 11:32p 12/04/95, Hakon Lie wrote:
>Walter Ian Kaye writes:
> > My 72dpi title graphics come out "tiny" (so I'm told) on 100dpi monitors,
> > and I'm wondering if there's any way to keep bitmaps and text more in sync
> > with each other.
>The "magnification" property will help here. By changing one property,
>the user (or author) can scale all length properies by a certain
>factor. If scalable fonts are available to the reader, images and text
>should follow each other closely. Your screen will unfortunately
>remain ths same much-too-small size.

Perhaps the style sheet could include a directive like:

    If (hppi > 90 or vppi > 90) then scale graphics to 200%

where hppi and vppi indicate the display device's pixels per inch.
(On a Macintosh, both are normally 72. For "Wintel" systems, it gets so
weird that Microsoft had to write a technote about it...)

So there would need to be a way for a UA to find out the dpi of the user's
video configuration. I think it should come from user preferences.

How does that sound?


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