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Re: Navigation Lists

From: Dosuchin <gohankid77@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:45:57 -0500
Message-ID: <72ab364a04101012456e9bb6db@mail.gmail.com>
To: rdouglas@iglou.com
Cc: w3c <www-html-editor@w3.org>

After attempting to create drop-down menus like yours without any new
elements, even after using both XHTML and XML documents, and failing,
I have decided that perhaps it would be quite useful for a predefined
navigational menu to be added.
A dynamic navigation menu, <nm>, could be used to create a menu
effect. As many authors might not have any use for a multilevel
navigation menu, due to the fact that it depends on the author's
purpose, it would need to be an optional element as opposed to a
required element. The <nm> tag would act as a container for the next
menu level. An example of such a document would be the XML document
which you attached in your last message. The <drop-down-menu> tag you
created is the same as my <nm> tag. I simply renamed it for the
purpose of making the pattern more consistent (e.g. <nl><nm> is
consistent in a similar fashion to <tr><td>).
A possible attribute for this element might be "axis". The values
might be 'vertical' or 'horizontal' depending on whether a
drop-down/vertical menu (like a browser menu) or a horizontal menu
(like in the XML document) would suit an author's purpose better. I
did notice a problem with the menus, however. The menus are spaced too
far apart which made it hard to navigate.


In the above declaration, 'left' should be set to "6.2em" rather than
"6.25em". Otherwise, the menus collapse if you don't move the mouse
quickly enough to a drop-down-menu item.
I hope that something similar to this idea is implemented in the
future. No hacks or scripts would be necessary for Internet Explorer
(hopefully) to be standards-compliant with this module if this is
Authors should be allowed to control how the menu looks using CSS of
course. After all, who would want to create a dynamic navigation menu
when the colors are controlled by the system while the rest their site
is quite "flashy" and astoundingly pleasant to the eye of a viewer?

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