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call for exhibition

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                  Call for Exhibition
  The last ten years of 20th century is the most important decade in history. Internet technology linked people, business, technology together and brought us into a new and globalized millennium. With the fast growing of E-business and E-trading, Internet is taking a more and more important part of global economy.

 In Asia-Pacific region, the value of E-Business and E-trading is believed will touch 160 billion USD within four years with the booming of INTERNET-technology. Witch is almost half of the whole value of globe E-business and trading .

 As the most stable and fastest developing country in the region, China is going instead of Japan and becoming the largest E-business and technology market. Computer industry and Internet technology is also developing at a high speed.

  a.. There were 2.3 Internet service provider (ISP) registered per day during last three years. 
  b.. The population of Internet user (netizen ) increased to thirty million . (more than the population of Australia ).and this figure is still going up at the speed of 1000 people per day. 
  c.. The sales of computer software , Internet technique, has raised up 400% as high as 4 billion. 
  With the encouraging market situation, China¨s largest business and consumer Internet exhibition is scheduled to be held in Shanghai on 12-15,JAN, 2001.

 China international Internet and Application exhibition



  Chris Exhibition CO.LTD in association with Shanghai Modern International Exhibition CO., LTD




  Shanghai International Exhibition Center


  Break up the traditional promotion way. Bring all the netizen and net-fans to the exhibitor. Make a face to face chance for exhibitor to show their service & products to the public.

  Setup a business social statue. Buildup business cooperation-ties between companies through E-commerce.


  This event is an opportunity for companies to showcase their products and service .

  If you are in any of the following business, you should be in our great exhibition.

  a.. Internet service provider 
  b.. Portals online communities 
  c.. E-commerce E-business E-service 
  d.. Internet business solution 
  e.. ASP 
  f.. Internet Publishing tools, software servicing 
  g.. System integration 
  h.. Telecom, Cable, Satellite, networking and wireless service 
  i.. Communication software and hardware 
  j.. Publishing/media 
  k.. Data base, Data mining , Data ware housing 

  The conference & exhibition will be the largest Net-event in China. With over 12000 square meter show space. Exhibitors from America, UK, French, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong

Public Organize:

  Computer specialist, Consulting Company. Marketing company. Prospected netizen Net-fans, Retailer, Wholesaler,  Finance company

Price List:

   Standard shell scheme: US$468 per square meter

   Raw space US$418 per square meter


   Spot light 2

   Chairs 2

   220V power plug 1

   Registration table 1

   Carpet 1

Official Freight Forward:

   Please check out in our exhibition manual

About the conference

  The CIIAE conference is scheduled to be held between 12-15jan 2001.At Shanghai International Exhibition Center. It will consist of 3 days of keynotes, in-depth technology business and Management - focused sessions. That will cover topics related to the net. E- business e-services and WWW .

 The conference will be organized for participator.

  a.. To understand how to leverage the Internet and to discover the significance of web strategy in gaining competitive advantage. 
  b.. To gain a broad understanding of web-sales. Marketing and business strategies.  
  c.. To experience and experiment with the latest tools and methods to create successful web-sites,Intranets, extranets and e-commerce applications. 
  d.. To understand the promising new. Internet paradigm and opportunities it offers. 
At a glance:

  a.. Internet application forum. 
  b.. Internet technology-forum. 
  c.. E-business forum. 
  d.. Web-developers Forum 
  e.. Market and advertising forum. 
  f.. The future of Internet. 
Call for speaker:

  Here we announce a call for speakers. This will enable potential speakers to identify the topics that they wish to speak on at the conference

   For more information about our exhibition and conference please do get in touch with:

 Peter Lai at:


visit our website at:











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