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Errors in XHTML 1.1 DTD

From: Tapio Markula <tapio1@gamma.nic.fi>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 12:12:10 +0300
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To: murray.altheim@sun.com, s.mccarron@opengroup.org, www-html-editor@w3.org
XHTML 1.1 

 Most significant is the removal of features that were
That is NOT tre, if I look at the changes.
- APPLET is in XHTML 1.0 deprecated, but it is in XHTML
- if APPLET is in XHTML at last it should NOT have attribute 'hspace',
'vspace', because they are deprecated attributes and 'img' and any other
attribute don't have them

applet  No Chage MUST be an error!

I wonder 
object Unsupported

'Object' was in XHTML intend to replace 'applet'. Have someone mixed
'applet' and 'object'?

The XTHML 1.1 working draft in INCONSITENT compared to XMTH 1.0 Stict written
by David Ragget.

WHAT a soup between W3C and Microsoft! MS ADDS always new proprietary
features and W3C delete many features.
I hope that someone could fix internal conflicts and create a consistent DTD.

I put to my page http://www.nic.fi/~tapio1/Teaching/Attributes.html

"XHTML 1.1 has only one document type. The most significant
change is the removal of almost all features that were deprecated (in my
list marked as transitional). The only element, which is left from the
transitional document type is APPLET - this might be however an error in
the XHTML 1.1 documentation, because it is not in this point internal

The same information is also in note of 
in XHTML 1.1 is informed 'No change', but this might be an error, because
attributes hspace and vspace are deprecated and the element itself is in
XTHML 1.0 only in the transitional document type
n XHTML 1.1 is informed 'Unsupported', but this might be an error

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