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Minor typographical errors that are not corrected

From: UCHIDA Akira <UCHIDA@happy.email.ne.jp>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 22:01:27 +0900
Message-ID: <19990903130209.23978@mail.asahi-net.or.jp>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Dear editors, I found six errors that are not corrected yet.

(1) Section 2.1.1 
    Error report says 'The phrase "accessible via the path "/TR/REC-html4/".
    should end with "/TR/REC-html40/".'.

    The paragraph includes that sentence was rewrote indeed.

(2) Section 6.5.1 
    Error report says 'The first sentence needs the indefinite article "a" 
    before the word "document".'.

    The sentence was changed to "Although colors can add significant 
    amounts of information to documents and make them more readable, 
    please consider the following guidelines when including color in your 
    documents:" indeed.

(3) Section (not corrected)
    The sentence "The first COL element refers to the first 39 columns 
    (doing nothing special to them) and the second one assigns an id value 
    to the fortieth columns so that style sheets may refer to it." should 
    have "fortieth column" instead.

(4) Section 11.2.5 (not corrected)
    For the TR element, in the section "Attributes defined elsewhere", 
    bgcolor is missing.

(5) Section 11.4.1 
    Error report says 'First bullet, second sentence. "Note that its not 
    always possible" should have "it's" instead.', but it shoud be read
    "First bullet, third sentence".

(6) Section 16.4.1 (missing one attribute)
    The list of "attributes defined elsewhere" was inadvertently omitted 
    after the definition of NOFRAMES. These attributes are: name, id, 
    lang, dir, title, style, and the %events; attributes.

    The name attribute is still missing.

UCHIDA Akira <uchida@happy.email.ne.jp>
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