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Re: ATTN: Please comment on XHTML (before it's too late)

From: David Brownell <david-b@pacbell.net>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 19:49:40 -0700
To: xml-dev <xml-dev@ic.ac.uk>
Message-id: <37CF3744.AD617DEF@pacbell.net>
You'd think that with all this flamage, someone would have
caught some more bugs.  I've BCC'd this to the editor of
the XHTML spec -- which ought to ensure that this gets fixed.

Consider these two lines from "HTMLspecialx.ent":

  <!ENTITY amp     "&#38;"> <!--  ampersand, U+0026 ISOnum -->
  <!ENTITY lt      "&#60;"> <!--  less-than sign, U+003C ISOnum -->

Now, we all know that's not the correct way to write those two
declarations.  The replacement text is incorrect -- it's not
a reference to the relevant character, as required by 4.6 of
the XML spec and the additional constraint in 4.3.2 that the
replacement text be well formed.

However, I'll avoid causing more flamage and not provide my
personal preferred declaration ... which, naturally, doesn't
match the literal entity value found in the example of 4.6,
since the spec doesn't require it to do so!  ;-)

- Dave
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