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[ANN] 'Introduction to XForms' Tutorial

From: Mark Birbeck <mark.birbeck@x-port.net>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 09:28:51 -0000
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The first in what will be a new series of XForms tutorials is now online.
The 'Introduction to XForms', is available at:


The structure is very different to other tutorials that we have written in
the past, in that it continually comes from the standpoint of what the
author wants to *do*. So it talks of "tooltips", "context sensitive help",
"hiding controls", "required values", "showing messages" and so on, and
avoids the usual discussions of device-independence, abstract controls,
accessibility, cross-platform, and XML (!) that often bog down introductory

This approach was taken to counter the view that we seem to find that
'XForms is difficult to learn'. (We've even come across this from people who
are teaching XForms!) You'll see from the tutorial that in fact XForms is
very easy to get up and running with, in a short amount of time. And I think
even experienced XForms users may be surprised to remind themselves just how
much XForms can do even at the 'simple' end.

Forthcoming tutorials will go into XForms more deeply, and cover more
advanced concepts. But if you have colleagues that you have been meaning to
introduce to XForms, then you may find this 'gentle' introduction useful to
refer them to.



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