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Re: [ANN] 'Introduction to XForms' Tutorial

From: Erik Bruchez <erik@bruchez.org>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 15:58:58 +0100
Message-ID: <43DE29B2.7030906@bruchez.org>
To: www-forms@w3.org


Excellent initiative! For sure the approach is good.

I also think that not enough is done in general to promote XForm's 
"cool" factor. Let's work on improving this!

-Erik (who will give a "live" XForms tutorial at ObjectWebCon tomorrow)

Mark Birbeck wrote:
> The first in what will be a new series of XForms tutorials is now online.
> The 'Introduction to XForms', is available at:
>   <http://skimstone.x-port.net/index.php?q=introduction-to-xforms>
> The structure is very different to other tutorials that we have written in
> the past, in that it continually comes from the standpoint of what the
> author wants to *do*. So it talks of "tooltips", "context sensitive help",
> "hiding controls", "required values", "showing messages" and so on, and
> avoids the usual discussions of device-independence, abstract controls,
> accessibility, cross-platform, and XML (!) that often bog down introductory
> tutorials.
> This approach was taken to counter the view that we seem to find that
> 'XForms is difficult to learn'. (We've even come across this from people who
> are teaching XForms!) You'll see from the tutorial that in fact XForms is
> very easy to get up and running with, in a short amount of time. And I think
> even experienced XForms users may be surprised to remind themselves just how
> much XForms can do even at the 'simple' end.
> Forthcoming tutorials will go into XForms more deeply, and cover more
> advanced concepts. But if you have colleagues that you have been meaning to
> introduce to XForms, then you may find this 'gentle' introduction useful to
> refer them to.
> Regards,
> Mark
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