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RE: Web forms 2.0

From: Sikora, Gary <gjsikora@progeny.net>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 22:36:21 -0400
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I tend to agree with Aaron; XHTML, Web Forms 2.0 and XForms can coexist,
in theory and in practice. The approach to use depends upon application
requirements, technologies in use or understood, and client deployments.
I view XHTML/Web Forms 2.0/XForms, ignoring .Net;-), as a stack of
increasing capability and modeling. I believe system architects are
choosing what to use based on the constraints listed above.

Having said this, don't get me wrong, I think the work you have been
doing with Web Forms 2.0 and exposing it to this forum is great. I
mentioned above about a stack with growing capability and modeling, yet
we know you can do things in Web Forms 2.0 that you can't do in XForms.
To this end, this capability comparison is just what we perhaps need to
insure real-world web form requirements are being met within XForms.


Very respectfully,

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Hi Francisco,

Well, some xforms processors may find value in doing this, yes.  The 
advantages for a server-based XForms implementation to doing so would be

to move more of the processing client side (which might make any 
client-side js libraries smaller) or to take advantage of the web forms 
widget set.  The latter may even apply to some client side, 
browser-based implementations.  But this would be a decision made per 
implementation.  XForms implementations and web forms implementations 
could certainly exist independently of each other on the same browser, 
with no detrimental affects noticed by either.


Francisco Monteiro wrote:
> Wow this is what we all will have to do
> "In this transformation model, the XForms processor is a server-side 
> process that converts XForms and XML Schema documents, according to
> XForms specification, into HTML and Web Forms documents, which are
> processed by the client side Web Forms processor, along with a style 
> sheet for presentation. "
>  From Web 2.0 Working draft
> http://www.w3.org/TR/web-forms-2/#r-to-xforms
> Francisco
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