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[Correction] Re: The Devil of Good is Perfect

From: Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer <schnitz@mozquito.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 16:38:41 +0200
Message-ID: <0bcf01c30293$8be40350$fc45a8c0@c020>
To: <www-forms@w3.org>

I deeply apologize, the article "XForms
Benefits All Stakeholders" was written
by Anthony Tomasic, not Jerome Negre.

Thanks to both of you, Anthoy and Jerome,
for the wonderful help.

- Sebastian

> >   However, I advocate that pioneers building XML forms
> > engines/browsers just use the W3C XForms spec as
> > inspiration and feel free to innovate (that is, by
> > adding goodies or cleaning-up the mess as they please)
> > because even if the W3C calls the spec 1.0 it's actual
> > closer to 0.1 and only real live experiments in the
> > wild will lead to an XML forms spec that will take
> > off.
> You may innovate as much as you like, but then just don't
> call it W3C XForms.
> You should, for instance, download X-Smiles 0.71
> and take a close look at the XForms examples:
> http://www.x-smiles.org/download.html.
> There is already significant XForms content out there.
> You clearly didn't understand the spec. That's ok.
> The spec is the result of an endless array of review
> cycles, and targetted towards implementers. The spec
> itself may be too complex for you, but XForms 1.0, the
> language and architecture, is not complex.
> So far, you did not inspire us. You have been inspired
> by XForms 1.0, which is part of our job, as we are in charge
> for the Web and are on a mission to lead the Web to its full
> potential, whereby inspiring others is an important aspect.
> So enjoy the free lunch, but until you've shown anything
> serious to us we may choose to simply not take you serious,
> and until then, please stand back and give room to the
> legions of good folks on this list who've really thought it
> through and have done a great job in helping us establish
> this architectural foundation, as opposed to doing a hack
> suffering from feature-creep and over-simplification.
> I recommend reading an article written by Jerome Negre,
> entitled "XForms Benefit All Stakeholders":
> sp
> Jerome, for example, implemented XForms at an earlier
> stage and provided excellent feedback, which
> improved the specification. He made a real contribution.
> Let that be an example to you.
> - Sebastian
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