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Re: The Devil of Good is Perfect

From: Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer <schnitz@mozquito.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 15:05:25 +0200
Message-ID: <0ba701c30286$84726ab0$fc45a8c0@c020>
To: "Gerald Bauer" <luxorxul@yahoo.ca>, <www-forms@w3.org>

>   However, I advocate that pioneers building XML forms
> engines/browsers just use the W3C XForms spec as
> inspiration and feel free to innovate (that is, by
> adding goodies or cleaning-up the mess as they please)
> because even if the W3C calls the spec 1.0 it's actual
> closer to 0.1 and only real live experiments in the
> wild will lead to an XML forms spec that will take
> off.

You may innovate as much as you like, but then just don't
call it W3C XForms.

You should, for instance, download X-Smiles 0.71
and take a close look at the XForms examples:
There is already significant XForms content out there.

You clearly didn't understand the spec. That's ok.
The spec is the result of an endless array of review
cycles, and targetted towards implementers. The spec
itself may be too complex for you, but XForms 1.0, the
language and architecture, is not complex.

So far, you did not inspire us. You have been inspired
by XForms 1.0, which is part of our job, as we are in charge
for the Web and are on a mission to lead the Web to its full
potential, whereby inspiring others is an important aspect.

So enjoy the free lunch, but until you've shown anything
serious to us we may choose to simply not take you serious,
and until then, please stand back and give room to the
legions of good folks on this list who've really thought it
through and have done a great job in helping us establish
this architectural foundation, as opposed to doing a hack
suffering from feature-creep and over-simplification.

I recommend reading an article written by Jerome Negre,
entitled "XForms Benefit All Stakeholders":

Jerome, for example, implemented XForms at an earlier
stage and provided excellent feedback, which
improved the specification. He made a real contribution.
Let that be an example to you.

- Sebastian
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