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Re: XForms and InfoPath

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 07:38:44 EDT
Message-ID: <5b.3802b9fa.2bcbf7c4@aol.com>
To: Robert_Barker@Vanguard.com
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In a message dated 14/04/2003 12:23:56 GMT Daylight Time, 
Robert_Barker@Vanguard.com writes:

> One big difference between XForms and InfoPath is that InfoPath is a client
> side application meaning that a person must have InfoPath software
> installed on their desktop to see and use the form.  I was assuming that it
> would be a browser app with Microsoft putting the InfoPath engine in their
> internet explorer.
> Maybe that would be version 2.0.


I am not sure that there is such a fundamental difference. Many XForms 
implementations will, like InfoPath, require a proprietary non-browser 
client-side application to be present on a user's machine.

If my guess about the possible importance of InfoPath to the future of 
Microsoft Office is correct then it is unlikely that InfoPath will be given 
away free in the short term. As I understand it InfoPath will only be 
available with the more expensive versions of Office 2003.

Andrew Watt
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