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Re: [XForms] XMLForm 0.9.9 released

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 07:05:46 EDT
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In a message dated 14/04/2003 03:16:04 GMT Daylight Time, ivelin@apache.org 

> This is a significant performance improvement release.
> Introduces a more sophisticated and performant XML processing solution,
> while preserving simplicity.
> Also generalizes the user-agent support for XSLT detection by exposing web
> context parameters.
> XMLForm is a standalone servlet toolkit inspired by Apache Struts /
> JavaServer Faces and W3C XForms. The toolkit is derived from Apache Cocoon.
> XMLForm uses W3C XForms based markup and automated server-side binding to
> JavaBeans, XML/DOM, JDOM and DynaBeans data models. The homepage for this
> project is itself written in XMLForm.
> It also allows easy deployment of REST style Web Services, with maximum 
> code
> reuse between human facing and machine interfaces.
> Visit http://xmlform.org.


I was wondering if you could answer a few fundamental questions. I ask partly 
because it is almost impossible to be sure which parts of the Apache site re 
Cocoon etc are fully up to date. So it is far from easy to tease out what is 
current and what is obsolete.

Some XMLForm code that I have looked at includes several elements which are 
not present in the XForms CR and omits some which are in the XForms CR. Is 
that now fixed? Or what are the plans and timetable for fixing it?

As I understand it, XMLForm uses schematron. Will that continue? Or will it 
be replaced by W3C XML Schema? Or will it be possible to use both?

Specifically, which version number do you plan to have XForms CR and XMLForm 
fully aligned? Assuming that you do plan that they be fully aligned.

A final fundamental question relates to how the Cocoon version and the 
XMLForm relate? Are they fully in synch? If not is it planned that they will 
be fully in synch at some later date?


Andrew Watt
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