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Re: [XForms] XMLForm 0.9.9 released

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 02:35:41 EDT
Message-ID: <a8.1b89c04e.2bce53bd@aol.com>
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In a message dated 16/04/2003 03:40:01 GMT Daylight Time, ivelin@apache.org 

> >> Ivelin,
>> I was wondering if you could answer a few fundamental questions. I ask 
>> partly because it is almost impossible to be sure which parts of the 
>> Apache site re Cocoon etc are fully up to date. So it is far from easy to 
>> tease out what is current and what is obsolete.
>> Some XMLForm code that I have looked at includes several elements which 
>> are not present in the XForms CR and omits some which are in the XForms 
>> CR. Is that now fixed? Or what are the plans and timetable for fixing it?
>> The current direction is to follow closely the UI controls of XForms, but 
>> not attempt to support events, validation and actions, which are 
>> considered inefficient for a pure server side implementation. XMLForm uses 
>> the XForms form controls to offer a transition path to thin client J2EE 
>> apps. Its action processing model will remain close to that of JavaServer 
>> Faces (Struts), which has been proven scaleable and performant, without 
>> requiring use of JSPs.
>> Chiba is making an attempt to prove this assumptions wrong and will 
>> eventuall support XForms completely on the server side.
>> As I understand it, XMLForm uses schematron. Will that continue? Or will 
>> it be replaced by W3C XML Schema? Or will it be possible to use both?
>> Schematron is just one implementation of the pluggable Validator 
>> interface. XSD, Relax or plain java classes can be plugged in as well.
>> Specifically, which version number do you plan to have XForms CR and 
>> XMLForm fully aligned? Assuming that you do plan that they be fully 
>> aligned.
>> As I mentioned above, there are not immediate plans to completely align 
>> XMLForm with XForms other than the UI Controls. 
>> A final fundamental question relates to how the Cocoon version and the 
>> XMLForm relate? Are they fully in synch? If not is it planned that they 
>> will be fully in synch at some later date?
>> XMLForm is being distributed standalone as well as a Cocoon module. Both 
>> use the same core and will be synced as frequently as the development 
>> resources allow.
> >>  
>> Cheers,
>> Ivelin
>> Thanks
>> Andrew Watt 


Thanks very much for the information.

It gives me a much clearer picture of the current situation and future 
directions than I could otherwise have pieced together.

Andrew Watt
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