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RE: XForms Model - XML Schema vs. Simple Syntax - relative importance

From: Eamon O'Tuathail <eamon.otuathail@clipcode.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 16:35:52 -0000
To: <www-forms@w3.org>
Message-ID: <NCBBIFBIECFPOABMKKBDIEOKDEAA.eamon.otuathail@clipcode.com>
>> I'm a bit confused: one the one hand you argue that XSLT is too
>> hard for PDA; next you say they will have SVG, Web3D, etc.  XSLT is
>>no more difficult than that lot.

SVG support benefits the user - as they see the graphic on their PDA.
Running the Simple Syntax through the XSLT to get the XML Schema will
consume CPU cycles on the PDA (of the same magnitude as SVG - agreed), but
be of no benefit to the user, and therefore I believe the XForms
implementation will have to directly read both the Simple Syntax and the XML

Secondly, on a small-screen device, the SVG will tend to be small (e.g. <100
Bytes), where the XSLT file is quite substantial.

I believe XML Schema will soon be woven into many software standards/apps
(much more that just XForms), so a PDA in future is quite likely to have XML
Schema support built-in. The XForms implementation on the PDA can leverage
this, but would have to craft its own support for the Simple Syntax. If it
decided not to support the Simple Syntax, then it would make sense to run
the XSLT script on the server. A web developer debugging an XForms app would
therefore have to know XML Schema, and therefore why not construct the form
model using XML Schema.

>> Do you know of controlled scientific studies that show users
>> "don't like text only UIs"?

To be honest, no. Do you know of any that state that "users do like
text-only UIs"?

Just go and talk to real users whose have PDA and WAP devices. The PDA guys
will enthusiastically describe the benefits of their Palms/iPaqs/Journadas
etc., but the WAP users are generally unhappy (they will tell you they
appreciate SMS text messaging). What users want is something that has all
the features of the advanced PDAs in the form factor of a phone - Yes, I
know that's difficult, but it is not impossible (e.g. see the Ericsson
R380). XForms should be able to run really well on such devices.

>> In my opinion the human readablity of HTML is
>> the reason we use Webs rather than Orbs.

Agreed - but I would consider XML Schema to be human readable!

Further, I would reckon within 12 months most advanced/intermediate web
developers will be fluent in reading "raw" XML Schema and XML Protocol, just
as today they understand "raw" XHTML and HTTP.

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