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DOM Level 3 Event's some weird stuff....

From: Christian Parpart <cparpart@surakware.net>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 03:12:21 +0200
To: www-dom@w3.org
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Hi all,

I'm currently about to implement the Events module in my reference 
implementation. I just noticed that the Event interface covers an readonly 
attribute "currentTarget" of type "EventTarget", now, the derived interface 
CustomEvent covers a function called setCurrentTarget getting a parameter 
target of type "Node" which should be set to the "currentTarget" of type 

Is this true???
I really can't imagine that they're not joking.

I'd prever an setCurrentTarget function getting a parameter of type 

Of course, in C++ I can use the RTTI's dynamic_cast feature, but to 
dynamically cast (and test) the Node to an EventTarget (and check whether it 
has this interface or not). But this can't be the case since this is not 
really a good resolution.


The EventTarget's function addEventListener.addEventListenerXX does only put 
the new listener into the list if it is unique, other wise the duplicate is 
discarded. What duplicate? The old one or the new one? And, what's equality 
in the EventListener's object? Must the EventListener be of the same 
interface? or even the same instance (object)?

Best regards,
Chrisitan Parpart.

p.s.: I do not like the "Out Of Office" aproval thing, is there a way to work
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