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Re: XQuery: New implementation XQTS report.

From: Andrew Eisenberg <andrew.eisenberg@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 14:52:17 -0500
To: Semyon Chertkov <semyonc@gmail.com>
Cc: www-archive@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF6F8E86CC.FAA4134B-ON852576E2.006A558B-852576E2.006D2920@us.ibm.com>
Hello Semyon,

Thanks for sending us your report. It is great to see another 
implementation in the 99-100% range.

It would be helpful to the XML Query WG if you would add additional 
information to your report on your test run, implementation-defined items, 
ant context  properties. 

                                                -- Andrew

Andrew Eisenberg
4 Technology Park Drive
Westford, MA  01886

Phone: 978-399-5158    Fax: 978-399-7012

Semyon Chertkov <semyonc@gmail.com>
Andrew Eisenberg/Concord/IBM@IBMUS
03/10/2010 02:26 AM
XQuery: New implementation XQTS report.

Dear Andrew,

I would like to present to you the new open-sourced XQuery
implementation, written on Microsoft C# .NET language.

The engine, sample application console and all sources of
QueryMachine.XQuery are available for download from

Attached is a XQTS 1.0.2 report with compatibility of XQuery against
the W3C standard requirements.

The utility, which performs the XQTS run, also available for download
from the same page. To run the test suite, download and unzip the
XQTSRun.zip archive, run the program XQTSRun.exe, from the Menu->File
open XQTSCatalog.xml, click on the root level "Test-suite" in tests
tree (all tests will be selected) and run the tests from
Menu->Tests->"Batch Test". In a Confirmation dialog box which states
for "15026 test case(s) selected" click on OK button.

I will be glad to hear your opinion about the engine as well as all
comments and remarks.

Sincerely yours

Semyon A. Chertkov
[attachment "XQTS_QM_Result.zip" deleted by Andrew Eisenberg/Concord/IBM] 
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