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More editorial tweaks

From: Martin Gudgin <mgudgin@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 18:01:28 -0800
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I've now read through Part 2. Here is a list of the things I noted, in
the order they appear in the spec.


1.	Section 1

	The language we use for bullet 4 doesn't match the other bullets

2.	Section 2.1

	"this, if any" should read "thus, if any"

3.	Section 3.1.1

	We should put a cross-ref to Part 1 at the end of numbered
bullet 2.

4.	Section 3.1.6

	"considered to be of unspecified size" should read "considered
to have a single dimension of unspecified size"

5.	Section 3.1.7

	For consistency we should say the type is enc:valueType

6.	Section 4

	We should drop "only" from "not limited only to the SOAP HTTP

7.	Section 4.2.2

	First bullet should be removed ( left over text )

8.	Section 4.2.2

	The numbered bullets use the term 'terminal node', but that term
no longer exists in the data model. We should rewrite in terms of nodes
with a lexical value.

9.	Section 4.4

	The language in the numbered bullets doesn't seem consistent
with other language concerning infoset items

10.	Section 5.1.1

	First bullet has an example which is a QName ( should be a URI )

11.	Section 5.1.2

	Diagram. Should the cloud with "Net" in it read "Network"?
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