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RE: Noah Got CVS

From: Martin Gudgin <mgudgin@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 16:44:18 -0700
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I know we covered a lot of this on IRC and over the phone but here it is
for the record anyway.


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> Subject: Noah Got CVS
> For reasons which remain only partly understood, Ralph and I 
> have coaxed my CVS environment into working.  Looking on 
> #xmlp-eds, I don't see anyone at the moment.  Don't you folks 
> work Friday evenings?

I'm on #xmlp-eds now if you want to chat in real-time

> Seriously, I can try to fit in a little editing over the 
> weekend, and some more Monday and Tues.  However:  this is my 
> first time trying, and having someone look over my shoulder 
> on the first checkin or two would probably save trouble for 
> all.  Here's about what I need to get going:
> * Pointer to files to be manipulated.  Which of the dirs are 
> you working in at this point, and which drafts?  Does it 
> change when Sept comes around?  I note the dirs are named by date?

All the files are in WWW/2000/xp/Group/2/06/LC

They will NOT move when September comes around ( if you ask me they
should not have moved when we went to LC but that's another story ;-) )

> * Quick rules for updating the files:  do I change status 
> info or titles in docs for example, or does CVS do it all?  

CVS deals with last modified dates. The docs you will be editing are

soap12-part1.xml, soap12-part2.xml and edtodo.html in the above
directory. These are already marked as editor's copies ( although they
still have the LC boilerplate )

> For deletions, do I leave the text and mark chg="del" or do I 
> really delete it, etc.

Anything you 'remove' should be marked with a diff='del' attribute. This
attribute only works on certain elements so you may need to play around
to get the right effect. The main element I've put the diff attribute on
is <p>

> * Do I need to update the editors to do lists when making 
> changes?  Where does it live.

Yes please. It lives at WWW/2000/xp/Group/2/06/LC/edtodo.html

Commit your edits using 

cvs commit -m "Log message goes here" filename

Don't forget to do a cvs update before you do any edits just in case
anyone else has changed the docs ( CVS will deal with it using merging
if you forget to do this, but it keeps merges to a minimum if you
remember to update before all editing sessions )

> You get the idea.  Assume I'm clueless but willing to learn.  
>  Lacking any
> such pointers I may not be online much this weekend.  Feel 
> free to call the home number (1-781-860-0689) between 9AM and 
> 9PM East Coast time Sat and Sun if at any point you've left 
> info for me that I should look at.  Again, sorry for all the 
> delays in getting "into harness".

Don't worry about it, being sick is a perfectly good reason for not
being available to edit, I'm just glad you are feeling better.

If you have any more questions feel free to call. My number is +44 7776
231 336. I'm flying to Redmond on Sunday and will be there until Friday
evening Pacific.

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