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Noah Got CVS

From: <noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 18:34:20 -0400
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For reasons which remain only partly understood, Ralph and I have coaxed my
CVS environment into working.  Looking on #xmlp-eds, I don't see anyone at
the moment.  Don't you folks work Friday evenings?

Seriously, I can try to fit in a little editing over the weekend, and some
more Monday and Tues.  However:  this is my first time trying, and having
someone look over my shoulder on the first checkin or two would probably
save trouble for all.  Here's about what I need to get going:

* Pointer to files to be manipulated.  Which of the dirs are you working in
at this point, and which drafts?  Does it change when Sept comes around?  I
note the dirs are named by date?

* Quick rules for updating the files:  do I change status info or titles in
docs for example, or does CVS do it all?  For deletions, do I leave the
text and mark chg="del" or do I really delete it, etc.

* Do I need to update the editors to do lists when making changes?  Where
does it live.

You get the idea.  Assume I'm clueless but willing to learn.   Lacking any
such pointers I may not be online much this weekend.  Feel free to call the
home number (1-781-860-0689) between 9AM and 9PM East Coast time Sat and
Sun if at any point you've left info for me that I should look at.  Again,
sorry for all the delays in getting "into harness".

BTW:  what we learned about the CVS problem is that it seems to have to do
with which Windows ID I use to log on.  For various reasons, I have one for
traveling (in my laptop's little WG) and one for the office that's in our
work domain.  Even though I run out of all the same directories and with
the same copy of Cygwin, something's different.   When Yves set me up I was
traveling, when I tried again I was at the office.  Neither Ralph nor I
could figure out what was actually different or how to get the office id
working, but if I'm willing to log onto my travel id when in the office
(loses printing and shares, but I can deal with it), I can limp along for
now.  Thanks to all who helped, and to the rest of you for your patience
with the delays.

FYI:  I'm more or less around and working, with some available time,
through Wed.  Then I'm out through US labor day, which is Monday.  Thanks!

Noah Mendelsohn                              Voice: 1-617-693-4036
IBM Corporation                                Fax: 1-617-693-8676
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142
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