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R: File save: keys shortcut error

From: <cguglielmetti@alice.it>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 13:25:23 +0200
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To: <emilien.kia@inrialpes.fr>
Cc: "ML W3C Amaya" <www-amaya@w3.org>
It's fine, but just to give you more info, I saw this change occurs only in the last release (9.55 final), in the 9.55 pre3 the sequence alt+f+s does page save, using always the same Amaya language (eng).
Best regards,
Cristiano Guglielmetti


Da: Emilien Kia [mailto:emilien.kia@inrialpes.fr]
Inviato: lun 16/07/2007 09:01
A: cguglielmetti@alice.it
Cc: ML W3C Amaya
Oggetto: Re: File save: keys shortcut error

> Amaya 9.55 - WinXPSP2
> The classic "File save" keys shortcut sequence "ALT + f + s" doesn't
> works well, instead of saving the current page it starts "Send by mail"
> function.
> Best regards,

In fact, ALT+xxx is not a real keyboard shortcut which execute an
application command (like CTRL+xxx).
ALT+xxx is a menu navigation shortcut, it allows to quickly move in
menus by selecting the item which has the corresponding underline
It strongly depends on the language used in Amaya.

I am agree to say that ALT+F+S should be a standard menu navigation
shortcut so we will try to make it.

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