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Re: Bug 14320 as discussed in Re: [aapi] UAI TF Meeting Minutes, November 8, 2011

From: Joseph Scheuhammer <clown@alum.mit.edu>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 11:05:28 -0500
Message-ID: <4EBBF648.10401@alum.mit.edu>
To: wai-xtech@w3.org
CC: Becky Gibson <Becky_Gibson@notesdev.ibm.com>
Hi Matt,

You wrote:
> I am intensely interested in the combo box topic.
> I have not found a single usable ARIA implementation. ...
> I have been trying our example implementations with both JAWS and NVDA.

By "our example implementations", do you mean the example links in the 
APG, including the dojo links[1]?

> Among the worse are those that have a drop down but the focus stays in the
> edit ... It's really confusing. If the user is scrolling through a list,
> the focus needs to be in the list. So, I disagree with the statements in
> the minutes regarding keeping DOM focus in the edit if the user is
> scrolling through a list.

This is a case where the combobox uses aria-activedescendant instead of 
roving focus.  Combobox is one of the few places where dojo uses 
aria-activedescendant.  By keeping focus on the edit field, as the user 
types, the characters are added to that edit field, and the dropdown 
list is updated to show just the items that match.  Functionally 
speaking, it is very similar to FireFox's location input (the "awesome 

But, I had thought dojo had tested their ARIA markup with ATs, and that 
it worked.  Cc'ing Becky...

[1] The dojo  combobox example links in the APG:


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