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Date: Mon, May 07 2001

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    May 15 at Condon Hall: David Korten,author of "When Corporations Rule the
    Dr. David C. Korten will deliver a lecture in room 109 Condon Hall at 3:30
    p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, on the role of multinational enterprises in the
    globalization process. Dr. Korten works in the field of international
    development and authored the book, "When Corporations Rule the World."
    Please come and hear his ideas firsthand! You will find a short biography
    Biographical Information
    Dr. David C. Korten is the author of "The Post-Corporate World: Life After
    Capitalism"; and the best selling "When Corporations Rule the World." He is
    also board chair of the Positive Futures Network, publishers of "Yes! A
    Journal of Positive Futures"; and founder and president of the
    People-Centered Development Forum.
    Dr. Korten earned his M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees at the Stanford Graduate
    School of Business. He was for five-and-a-half years a faculty member of the
    Harvard University Graduate School of Business. He later was a researcher at
    the Harvard Institute for International Development, and taught at the
    Harvard School of Public Health. He devoted his early career to advancing
    management education in low-income countries. He set up the College of
    Business Administration at Haile Sellassie I University in Addis Ababa,
    served as academic director of the Central American Management Institute
    (INCAE) in Managua, and was a visiting professor at the Asian Institute of
    Management. He has also served as a Ford Foundation project specialist in
    Manila and Asia regional advisor on development management for the U.S.
    Agency for International Development (USAID) based in Jakarta. Dr. Korten
    completed his military service during the Vietnam War as a captain in the
    U.S. Air Force serving in Air Force headquarters command and the Office of
    the Secretary of Defense.
    Dr. Korten's books and articles are required reading in university courses
    around the world. "When Corporations Rule the World" helped frame the issues
    that now energize global civil society in opposition to corporate rule.
    Other recent books by Dr. Korten are "Globalizing Civil Society" (1998)
    published by Seven Stories Press and Getting to the 21st Century (1990)
    published by Kumarian Press. Korten is author or editor of nine other books
    and contributes regularly to edited books and professional journals, as well
    as to the publications of many citizen organizations.
    To request disability accommodations, contact the Office of the ADA
    Coordinator, at least ten days in advance of the event. 543-8924 (voice);
    543-8925 (TDD);616-8379 (FAX); (e-mail).
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