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Captions: Understanding SC 1.2.2

From: Thomas Birch <thomas_birch@ieci.es>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 18:10:37 +0100
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
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Dear WAI Interest Group Participants,

When validating videos on a web site, we’re faced with a question 
regarding captions and criterion 1.2.2.
First of all, as it states in the Understanding SC 1.2.2 section: "It is 
acknowledged that at the present time there may be difficulty in creating 
captions for time-sensitive material…”
The page we want to validate has a high number of infomercials for many of 
the products that are sold on the page, and we do understand that adding 
captions for all these videos is a big effort.
On the other hand, in the next paragraph of Understanding SC 1.2.2 it 
states that “Captions are not needed when the synchronized media is, 
itself, an alternate presentation of information that is also presented 
via text on the Web page. For example, if information on a page is 
accompanied by a synchronized media presentation that presents no more 
information than is already presented in text, but is easier for people 
with cognitive, language, or learning disabilities to understand, then it 
would not need to be captioned since the information is already presented 
on the page in text or in text alternatives (e.g., for images)”.
On each product page that has a corresponding video, people can access all 
the product details that are explained in the video via text, but not 
following the same script that is used in the infomercial (e.g. 
conversations of the actors). Could these videos be considered to be an 
alternative presentation to the product details, or are subtitles always 
required to meet this success criterion in this scenario?
Best regards,

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Gracias por su colaboración.

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