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What you use

From: GF Mueden@ <Mueden@>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 12:54:21 -0400
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Hi All -

My worry is about what can be done for the common elements of eye 
strength that fail with age, acuity, contrast sensitivity, and field 
size.  I have another hazard, I am losing memory and the associated 
ability to learn.   My greatest strength is habit and what I know, so I 
stick with Windows (now Win7) and lament the loss of WinXP and OE which 
served me well.

My poor acuity calls for 125% to be able to read program headings and 
200% to read copy.   My eyes are a screen width from the screen and 
demands a narrow column width.  As you know, I bleat about it when sites 
don't let me have word wrap when i pull in the margins. Then I use 
Readability (thanks to Dr. Cole) to get a narrow column.

My poor contrast sensitivity killed my ability to read print and am now 
to get the NLS Talking Books service.  On the screen I had been using 
Arial Black in black on a white screen.  Having switched to white on a 
black screen I find that a skinny "Lucy" font (Lucinda ... ?) is better 
because there is less white fuzz around the characters caused by my 

For email I tried Outlook and hated it.  Now use Thunderbird which 
leaves me with too few lines of message.  I may give up the 125% for 
reading the headings in exchange for more message space.   It is quite 
impossible for me to go to Verizon for email.  There I got one line of 
message at 200%.

I appreciate sites that let me pull in the margins and give me word wrap 
when I enlarge.  Recently I have visited sites that let me enlarge the 
copy within a column, rather than the whole page: I love it.

Now heading my wish list is a way of suppressing the graphics that blind 
me to anything near them.

Enough,  Who is next?   Ramon?   ===gm===  (George)
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