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Re: MOSS 2007 AKS (was What's up with Cynthia Says?)

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:49:08 -0500
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To: "Robert Yonaitis" <ryonaitis@hisoftware.com>
Cc: "Harry Loots" <harry.loots@ikhaya.com>, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org


Is there a place where you list the features the tool kit tests or the
rules used for evaluation?


On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 8:52 AM, Robert Yonaitis
<ryonaitis@hisoftware.com> wrote:
>  Hello All:
>  I wanted to take a moment to answer this but to add a little more
>  reference information regarding the Accessibility Kit for SharePoint
>  (AKS) project. So First: I would suggest to everyone interested in
>  SharePoint and The accessibility kit for the same (AKS) to joining the
>  community list at http://aks.hisoftware.com/ . In addition I just
>  co-authored a paper that had an associated presentation that was given
>  in Beijing just 2 days ago I think and this paper could provide more
>  information. Lastly, the Kit is released under the Microsoft Public
>  License.
>  http://aks.hisoftware.com/akslicense.html, So you get the source. Now
>  for the questions.
>  What is meant by 'basic solution'? does the kit provide a WCAG Level
>  Double-A
>  compliant MOSS?
>  Basic means that we give the tools necessary to make sites more
>  accessible. There are several parts. New CSS Files, New Master Pages,
>  and Control Adapters, In Addition when downloading the Kit you get the
>  latest copy up my book, Understanding Accessibility - Updated for 2008
>  and it now covers WCAG 1.0 AA to better address European Union
>  requirements. So here is the basic. On the MOSS Server the user:
>  1. Installs the Kit
>  2. Installs control Adapters (for example, a form may not use labels on
>  a web part. The Control adapted will add the labels, of in the
>  Application Interface there may be an image in need of better or more
>  helpful alternative text and a control adapter will add this)
>  3. The Install installs the Sizing Utility to help to calculate EM's or
>  Percentages to match existing sites as well as the Understanding
>  Accessibility Book.
>  >From here the user needs to configure the site that they are using. It
>  is not drop and go. The book supports the education perspective of the
>  kit and it provides basic guidance and examples for developers. Now for
>  the Second Part of your question: Does AKS allow for the production of a
>  AA Compliant Site? AKS 1.1 does not have this feature. However AKS 2.0
>  Will provide the feature, tools and example on how to deliver a WCAG AA
>  Compliant Site (This as well is gratis, free, no charge) In addition for
>  those who do not like the nested table layouts 2.0 will provide new
>  control adapters that will fix the tables to be more accessible in edit
>  mode and remove the tables in display mode. This is an important note
>  and in the edit mode it is a web editor and in display it is a web page
>  or application. We strive to add accessibility while not braking down
>  any core features. Again you can learn more about 2.0 at
>  http://aks.hisoftware.com/
>  What is meant by 'significantly reduces'?
>  In minutes you could have a site where all the text now sizes, a bit
>  longer accessible web parts, then more accessible editing modes.
>  Does it mean that it will clean up
>  code? block code?
>  Yes and Yes
>  or simply make the developer aware allowing them to make
>  changes?
>  and Yes
>  In fact, i'd be very interested to find out how AKS can clear MOSS 2007
>  which
>  appears to be a load of crud when it comes to trying to make it produce
>  compliant webpages.
>  --- This is 2.0 we are giving examples and tools to clean the crud :)
>  I hope this mail has helped and I recommend that anyone with questions
>  join the AKS Community
>  At http://aks.hisoftware.com/
>  Best Regards,
>  Rob Yonaitis
>  CTO
>  HiSoftware, Inc.
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