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Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 16:09:04 -0400
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Hi Everyone:

I just started a site called TrainersPod.com We interview people that have
special educational needs e.g. in Africa and we also interview people that
have found solutions e.g. in the US (or S. America where they may have some
similar problems or S.E. Asia). 
Basically, we try to get those that have found solutions in the areas of
e-learning, e-healthcare and e-business - but primarily in e-learning to
share their solutions with those that are in need of such solutions. 

I think that accessibility in developing Nations needs to be tackled right
away so that they can incorporate it at an early stage in their work

We feel such an exchange is vital if developing countries need to leapfrog
into the 21st century as opposed to crawling through all the developments
the developed country has been through. 

In this respect I am looking for people across the globe (which this
listserv has) to let me know if they can be interviewed - (or better - to
discuss) - so as to either to describe their needs (probably those in the
developing countries) or describe solutions (probably those in the more
developed countries) they have found to their needs - e.g. how are they
transforming to the norms of current accessibility standards - and whose
standards are they looking at or are they creating any standards from
These are the questions that people (your colleagues across the globe) have
and would like to ask or have an answer to - so, please offer your
assistance in helping us deliver this message. If you are interested (and we
do everything via Elluminate - and if you don't know Elluminate I will teach
you) please contact me - I don't want to make this sound like an ad but
rather a call for you to serve your colleagues. 

You may write to me at: asif.daya@trainerspod.com and we will arrange a date
and prepare questions ahead of time - so you feel comfortable with the

It's all for a good cause. Hope you will reach me. I need to schedule people
across the year or beyond. I would be doing at least two interviews per
month. Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you or even if you have
questions, just write to me - we are getting ready to start our blog and we
could also have you put your input there. So there are many ways you can
contribute. Please write to me your level of interest and topic area or your
expertise or interests. Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,
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