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Re: frames and no frames content

From: Elizabeth J. Pyatt <ejp10@psu.edu>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 09:35:00 -0400
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If frames are used for navigation, I generally 
recommend the no-frames version include key 
navigational links or a link to a sitemap. That 
way users can navigate the site. I also recommend 
placing minimal navigation within content pages 
because people may choose to exit frames mode (I 
know I do).

If the frames are used for other purposes, that's 
obviously another issue. I would research "no 
script" strategies since they might have better 

Hope this helps


>I would like to canvass opinions on the 
>requirement and use of noframes content. I have 
>searched the archives but couldn't find any 
>specific details.
>If a section of a site (e.g an form, calculator 
>etc) requires the use of frames due to the way 
>it has been built, I understand the available 
>markup to make the frameset meet W3C guidelines 
>and that noframes content should included.
>My question is: where frames are unavoidable due 
>to technologies used, infrastructure etc, is it 
>acceptable that the noframes content is merely 
>an explanation that frames is required. Checking 
>the W3C guidelines it merely states to use 
>noframes content but doesnt indicate if this 
>must be a version of the same 
>content/functionality that doesnt rely on frames.

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