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RSS Aggregator - accessibility points

From: Matthew Smith <matt@kbc.net.au>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 21:56:06 +0930
Message-ID: <42664A5E.40602@kbc.net.au>
To: WAI Interest Group <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>

Hi All

I am putting together an RSS aggregator as part of a larger project.

1) Item titles (headlines) are links; should I use the title attribute 
of the link (<a...> as oppposed to <link...>) to contain a statement 
like: "full text of [headline]"?

2) Items will be able to classified/archived/etc.; once an operation has 
been perfomed on an item, such as setting the archive flag in the 
database, I was planning to return to that item's location in the 
document using an anchor.  Would using a large number of anchors (one 
per item in a page which could contain many items) cause any problems 
with screen readers or other AT?

It's a pity that RSS doesn't have a per-channel or even per-item element 
giving accessibility data for the target page.  I suppose that the later 
(RDF) versions could incorporate this in some way, but I guess I'm just 
dreaming now <wink/>.



Matthew Smith
Kadina Business Consultancy
South Australia
Received on Wednesday, 20 April 2005 12:26:12 UTC

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