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RE: Accessibility definition, was focus

From: <David.Pawson@rnib.org.uk>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 08:31:54 +0100
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From the diagram, SVG version.

I agree that legal requirements impact accessibility generation, but should
they be a part of its definition?
Same with costs. Given sufficient spend, we could all write accessible

Special needs. Are these more related to requirements or understanding than
defining accessibility?

Scalability? What impact does scale have on accessibility, as far as
definition goes?
I'd say unrelated.

Device independence in general may aid accessibility, does it help define

Standards in general aid accessibility but do they help define it? 

That leaves usability under a heading of total width, Universal

Usable by whom? Does a definition have to relate to a given audience? E.g. I
design a piece of content with sighted and blind people in mind. I forget /
other disabilities. Is that accessible? Most authors design content to be
to the audience they expect or seek. Mostly that ignores other audiences.
Which part
of this helps to define accessibility as you mean it?

Perhaps shades of grey are called for in working towards the universal goal?
about segmenting or scaling such that content might be defined as accessible
a majority of this group and that group, but the author has not addressed
the other group.
Does that help? It might help understanding.

Device independence helps, though for a definition, or to aid understanding
I'd suggest
that *why* device independence is important is key. Reading maps with a
mouse is great
for groups A B and C. For those using other access devices the maps are
  Consideration for alternative input and output devices need to be
addressed, or something
similar might address the issue of web accessibility. You don't say which
media you're
addressing so I won't go there.


Who is your audience for this definition?
What media are you addressing?
How do you want the definition to be used? By authors? By bean counters? By

I seem to be asking more questions than giving answers. 

HTH DaveP.

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