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RE: Accessibility definition, was focus

From: <David.Pawson@rnib.org.uk>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 14:47:14 +0100
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    From: Access Systems 

    how do you define "Special needs" (I HATE THAT TERM) 

I didn't define it, I found it in the SVG diagram.

    > Device independence in general may aid accessibility, 
    does it help 
    > define it?
    part of the code.  the accessibility must be cross platform 
    and software independent

In which case I'd say that was a part of the scope of the definitions.
Which *code* are you referring to btw? 

    this has probably caused the most grief,  the NFB in the 
    USA has been the driving force (at least vocally) on 
    accessibility (in computer software), since they represent  
    visually impaired users they tend to only really be 
    concerned with their members and others get lost in the din.

I'd support that view as being common, I'm probably as guilty
as most of taking that view unless I'm reminded of it.

    I think segmenting the groups would just pit one against 
    the other and software/programmers might just cherry pick 
    those it is convienent for them to accomodate and ignore 
    the rest, and have an "out"

At least it might be a positive decision? My guess is that today
thats a position taken due in large part through lack of understanding?

    sometimes defining the questions leads to better answers

Agreed, I define the first level of understanding as knowing enough
to ask questions.

regards DaveP


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