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Re: link in new window debate (was "Special message to website cr eators")

From: David Poehlman <poehlman1@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 15:03:23 -0500
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I won't answer one for one here but I will boil it down to this.  I hear
preference and I hear useability.  Despite what developers may want and
despite what looks pretty tosome people and despite what people might
perfer, we come down to one thing.  there is a prinsiple called kiss and
though some what over used, it can be quite effective.  I have never seen
any advantage for anyone for having new windows spawned all over the plac at
author will for the 'user's' sake.  Nothing is really lost when this is
avoided and nothing is really gained if it is not but, and you knew there
had to be one didn't you? new windows are a hazzard for at least some people
and not having them causes no harm.

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David Poehlman wrote:

>Opening any new window can be distructive.  It seems to me that it is much
>simpler and cleaner to keep us in the same window.
For you maybe.

But what about others who can benefit from being able to have two
windows open.

Imagine a skilled developer who knows about accessibility and usability
issues:  you'll never convince that person that new windows should never
be used.  She might listen if you were to say "minimize the use of popup
windows because I get lost when there are too many of them", or,  "let
me decide if I want popups or not". Hardcore denial only causes
developers to put up their defenses and as a result they will likely
ignore your pleas to get rid of popups. I would expect you and the
developer to adapt a little.

As that skilled developer I can not deny those who can benefit from
being able to see help in a new window while they work in another
window. Many, if not most sighted users would prefer this over having to
switch back and forth with the back button.

>If a new window is
>opened, I have to remember that it is there and I have to go back and forth
>between two windows if I want to read them.
If I have a short term memory disability, I won't be able to remember
the instructions unless they are open in another window alongside. It
works both ways.

> It's much eaiser and cleaner to
>use the back and forward buttons of the browser to achieve the same result
>among other ui features.
You don't need a back button in a help popup. Only a "close window" link
at the top so  you know you're in a  popup. It's when you don't know
you're in a popup window that disabling the UI features becomes a problem.

Opening external URLs in a new window is a different story, but again a
developer wants to keep you on his site. Denying them  new windows  will
on raise their  defences.  Ask them to open all external URLs in the
same window as a happy medium everyone can live with.

with all due respect
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