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RE: Accessibility of PDF files & editing them

From: Israel Pinto <israel.pinto@apcg.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 11:25:12 -0800
To: "'Jason Megginson'" <jason@bartsite.com>, "'Steven McCaffrey'" <smccaffr@MAIL.NYSED.GOV>, <lguarino@Adobe.COM>, <Viral.Patel@exim.gov>
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Hello all:

I'm a newcomer to the list and I could use some advice in another topic
related to PDFs. I have been experimenting with the accessibility features
of PDFs and I was wondering whether any or all of you also produced an HTML
version of the PDF to provide accessibility to a larger audience? I ask
because I'm not sure that the PDF accessibility features work with AT
besides the newer versions of Window-Eyes and JAWS. Any help is greatly

Israel Pinto
Advanced Performance Consulting Group
israel.pinto@apcg.com <mailto:israel.pinto@apcg.com>

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> Hello Steven,
> I have done work with Adobe .pdf accessibility and came
> across the same
> problem.  If you are using Microsoft Office, an equation
> editor comes with
> the office package and tags can be sent to .pdf with the accessibility
> plug-in....as you probably know.
> I was dealing with the problem, where Microsoft tools weren't used to
> convert to .pdf and the eqaution had exponents and sub variables.  The
> solution I implemented dealt with the use of the structure
> tree's element
> properties.  I changed the alternate text on elements (for
> example..."A sub
> c" and so on.) to explain the variables and figures more thouroghly.
> I would organize and name the structure tree elements among
> numerators and
> denominators and treat the division line as an artifact and give it
> alternate text such as "divided by" or "division line".  I
> fealt like this
> was the best way to make an already created .pdf accessible
> with all of the
> variables and mathematical figures.
> Again, this solution is the best solution I have found if the
> equation is
> already made into a .pdf.  I would be interesed in any other
> techniques and
> tools as well.
> Hope this helped.
> J
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