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Re: form fields in table layout

From: Al Gilman <asgilman@iamdigex.net>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 20:04:13 -0500
Message-Id: <200111060101.UAA1745324@smtp1.mail.iamworld.net>
To: "Ali (Alejandra) Beatty" <alib@ecollege.com>, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
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 w3c - Scope attribute in Table tag


At 07:27 PM 2001-11-05 , Ali (Alejandra) Beatty wrote:
>I'm hoping I can get some advice for a complex layout combining tables and
>form fields. I apologize for not having a sample page. The code is below for
>anyone who wants to cut and paste. I've got a table laid out to input grades
>for students (picture your 3rd grade teacher's gradebook). The first row is
>the header for each unit of the class. In the first column is the student's
>name (hence scope=row). In each cell, there's a input box for entering the
>grade. I've got the headers/id combo for creating the cross-reference, the
>problem is, what text to use as the label? Each of the input boxes has to be
>named differently. They can't share the same ID, because ID has to be
>unique. I can change the layout of the table, and repeat the headers and
>student name for each student, but that seems very clunky for a sighted
>user. I could use the student's name as the label, but then how can you hear
>the difference between the field for unit 1 vs. unit 2? I've tried these
>combinations with JAWS 3.7, and when it's reading a form field, it doesn't
>give you the table header information. Very frustrating.
>TIA. Ali
><caption>Student Gradebook</caption>
><table border=1 summary="Enter grades for your students">
> <tr>
> <th></th>
> <th id="0">
> Unit 1
> </th>
> <th id="1">
> Unit 2
> </th>
> </tr>
> <tr> 
> <td scope="row">
> <label for="stud1text1">
> <strong>Student 1</strong>&nbsp;</label>
> </td>
> <td headers="0">
> <input type="text" name="stud1text1" ></td>
> <td headers="1">
> <input type="text" name="stud1text2" ></td>
> </td>
> </tr>
> <tr> 
> <td scope="row">
> <label for="U1T1L1">
> <strong>Student 2</strong>&nbsp;</label>
> </td>
> <td headers="0">
> <input type="text" name="stud2text1" ></td>
> <td headers="1">
> <input type="text" name="stud2text2" ></td>
> </td>
> </tr>
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