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Re: shocked condolences

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Henry Petroski and Samuel C. Florman are two of best sources on civil
engineering.   I've posted links to Dr. Petroski's recent article in the
Washington Post, as well as references to Florman's work.



Recent Article in Washington Post

Design Paradigms:  Case Histories of Error and Judgment in Engineering, by
Henry Petroski

American Scientist page for Dr. Henry Petroski

Samuel C. Florman

Books by Samuel C. Florman


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these crazy brains are definitely out of the borders of our concerns
about inclusive www-design.

       Maybe not totally. One issue I found interesting was the fact that
many of those who were wheelchair-bound or otherwise disabled were
basically marked to die in the collapse of the WTC towers. Web designers
and tech personnel in general, as well as the firms many work for, are some
of the largest engines of the economy. I believe we could do the world a
great service by pushing not just for an accessible web, but at least
escapeable buildings as well. Does it relate to the www? No, not totally.
But I've tended to take a larger view of technology accessibility than
most, I admit. The web itself being accessible means little if people can't
get to someplace to use it, can't use it safely, or have to put themselves
at risk to use it in otherwise "normal" situations.

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