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RE: appropriate hypertext

From: Dave J Woolley <DJW@bts.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 11:27:29 +0100
Message-ID: <81E4A2BC03CED111845100104B62AFB5824828@stagecoach.bts.co.uk>
To: "'w3c-wai-ig@w3.org'" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
> From:	Kynn Bartlett [SMTP:kynn-edapta@idyllmtn.com]
> Click is slang for "follow this link" in the same way that "web
> surfer" is slang for "user of the world wide web."
	[DJW:]  It's origins, though, was to give
	concrete instructions to users of mice rather
	than using something more abstract, like "activate".

	Now, non-mouse users need to do two translations:
	click to the abstract concept and then that concept
	to the concrete one for their user interface.

	People who still need to be told to click mice would be
	the people who would have difficulty making these 
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