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RE: WAI and the Feb 9. congressional hearing

From: Dine, Brooke <Brooke.Dine@mail.house.gov>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 10:56:20 -0500
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Hi All:

I spoke with a lobbyist friend of mine regarding how to submit comments to a
committee and this is what I was told:

To submit comments to a committee, you should call the majority committee
staff and ask if they will accept comments for inclusion
in the record.  It's the committee's call.  Only as a last resort  would he
recommend submitting them unsolicited. 

I hope this helps.

Brooke Dine
Office of the Clerk/OPS
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC  20515

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> Subject: 	RE: WAI and the Feb 9. congressional hearing
> I believe you can also submit a paper as a friend of the hearing...not
> sure
> how the process works, but you can submit comments versus testifying.  If
> anyone knows how to do this, pls post as some people may be willing to do
> this?
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> 		If we want to talk about what Judy might be faced with in
> the upcoming
> 		subcommittee hearing keep two things in mind: her
> presentation will be
> 		limited to a very few minutes; the subject matter has to do
> with whether
> 		the ADA should apply to the internet.
> 		-- 
> 		Love.
> 		http://dicomp.pair.com
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