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RE: General Comment re Guidelines/Discussion

From: Night, Joe <Joe.Night@gateway.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:47:41 -0500
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If you choose to use both at the same time, you create an additional
usability risk.
Assume for a moment that your choice in font size and face presents a
readability issue. For example, lets say it's Times Roman and it's set to
It is hardly reasonable to expect an average reader to use the browser
agent's font size/face changing ability to fix your screwup.
I would suggest that expecting an average reader to change the fonts and
then turn off a style would be sadistical. That would be way beyond the
ability or desire of the average surfer.

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	Are you asking that the author use both strategies (attributes and
	sheet).  Otherwise, don't we return to the problem that older
browsers can't
	handle CSS.


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	This thread is moved to the guidelines list, where itis under

	owever I don't think you have to give up those attributes, you just
have to
	use a style sheet as well.

	Charles McCN

	On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Bruce Bailey wrote:

	  I don't have a problem with avoiding wholly deprecated elements.
	   Unfortunately, by my reading, 3.3 is stricter than this.  To
follow this
	  checkpoint I would also have to give up all occurrences of
	  ALIGN=CENTER/RIGHT attributes.  That is too much of a sacrifice
for me!

	  On Wednesday, July 21, 1999 10:39 PM, Charles F. Munat
	  [SMTP:charles@munat.com] wrote:
	  > As for Priority 3.3, I read it to say that you should use a
	  > layout vs. elements such as B, I, FONT, etc. As far as I'm
concerned, as
	  > long as you avoid those elements, you've met this priority. If
you want
	  > make text red, use a stylesheet or the style attribute rather
than the
	  > tag. If you can live without the B, I, etc. tags, and you don't
	  > you need a stylesheet, I don't see that Priority 3.3 requires
one. What,
	  > blank one, just for looks?

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