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illiteracy & cognitive disability

From: jonathan chetwynd <jonathan@signbrowser.free-online.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 23:25:36 +0100
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To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
If members insist that the correct approach is textual.
Please could they indicate where the W3C documentation on illiteracy &
cognitive disability and www accessibility is. I am still labouring through
the large amount of mail and hope to answer some more tomorrow.

this is a small plug sorry:
Our site has recently been upgraded and I hope works due to caching this is
a little difficult to check on.
 I suggest members interested please visit
www.peepo.com and click on the second airplane for a display of 200 symbols
most of which are generally understood and connected in a simple way.
This part of the site is not linked onwards as yet.
ideally any site that felt it appropriate could provide a "picon" or small
image to aid searching for non-readers.
SignBrowser images are not intended to be definitive, and are copyright
free, though I appreciate a link somewhere, if you have to use them.


Our site www.peepo.com is a drive thru.
When you see a link of interest, click on it.
Move the mouse to slow down.
It is a graphical aid to browsing the www.
We value your comments.
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