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Re: Issue #1099 (where acronym are ambiguous...)

From: Roberto Scano - IWA/HWG <rscano@iwa-italy.org>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 10:21:07 +0200
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  Acronyms cannot always be expanded programmatically.
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Roberto Scano:
Is also impossible to give a correct definition. Try to search a simple
acronym in www.acronymfinder.com - for eg. CMS.

Also there is another problem. With the same example, if i have in a
page a description of CMS (Content Management System) and I have to
expand the acronym, the first sentence is (remember that I'm italian so
i need to change language):

<acronym xml:lang="en" title="Content Management System">CMS</acronym>

and the following sentence will only referred as:

<acronym xml:lang="en">CMS</acronym>

Then, if in the same page I spoke about Microsoft CMS, i need to add
another acronym like this:

<acronym xml:lang="en" title="Content Management Server">CMS</acronym>

At this point, if I follow a discussion and i have another "CMS"
acronym, how can programmatically refer to the correct acronym?

I try to explain well. How can the user (with cognitive disabilities or
also with assistive technologies or also a "normal" user) to know to
what acronym refer the next "CMS".

A solution could be - but isn't available inside the DTD, to refer to
the ID of the "main acronym". Eg.

<acronym id="foo" xml:lang="en" title="Content Management

and in the second:

<acronym xxxx="foo" xml:lang="en">CMS</acronym>

where xxxx stays for an attribute that - at now - don't exist (eg:
"ref", ...)

Could this point be discussed eventually for future XHTML versions?

Roberto Scano
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